Mr. President, I agree!

Julie Haden —  : Feb 13, 2014 — Leave a comment

Why do I agree? Your child will benefit from President Obama’s vision for making high-quality education available to preschoolers.

HeckmanOften I hear the question, “Why start teaching children to read so early?” Communities that are doing so are reaping the benefits. They find that preschoolers are quite capable of learning to read as well as other academic skills. The proof is in the research that shows that good quality pre-kindergarten programming provides the greatest return on investment and highest likelihood for success later in school and in life.

President  Obama recognized this in his State of the Union address last week when he asked Congress to make high quality pre-kindergarten education available to every four-year-old. His proposal, when it comes to fruition, will be an incredible opportunity to have all four-year-olds well prepared for school.

What would high quality preschool look like? First, teachers would be well qualified and it would show in their teaching. Their children would thrive not just academically but more importantly, emotionally. In my experiences as a classroom teacher with kindergarteners, the children who had good quality preschool experiences were more confident and secure in kindergarten. Learning came easier. Isn’t that the point, our children feeling safe, and achieving more academically and then in life?

State of the Union, 2014

What is most exciting about President Obama’s proposal is that all children would have a high quality preschool experience. Their early learning experience would have a positive effect on classroom learning for the rest of all children’s lives.

At roadmap2reading we recognize and agree with the President’s call to Congress. Our series of reading apps will help prepare your child for future academic challenges and help he or she get ahead of the game in reading skills when they start kindergarten.

What preschool experiences are preparing your child to read and to be ready for kindergarten?

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