Why apps to help your two-year-old become an early readers?

Julie Haden —  : Feb 5, 2014 — Leave a comment

… because your child should have the opportunity to become an early reader! My own child and my clients as young as two have benefited from my games and activities – yours can too!

The original Letter Sound BoxThe idea for Letter Sound Box, our first app, grew from a game I have played with my preschoolers and kindergarteners for years. This is “the” game that they beg me to play again and again. (“What toy will I get next? Is it my turn?”) Simply it is a box with a lid with a hole at the top big enough for your child to reach a hand in and pull out a three-dimensional object.

This game’s focus is to teach letter sounds. For example, you might start working on the letter “c” with your child. Fill the box with objects that begin with the hard letter “c” sound, like in cat, car or cookie.

Then ask your child to pull an object from the box, say the name of the object, and then place it into the “c” bag. As your child masters letters, mix objects with up to three different letter sounds into the box. This is a great way to start your two year old on the way to learning letter sounds.

Our app, the Letter Sound Box plays on the same concept. Its goals are to help your child:

  1. master letter sounds
  2. become a reader quickly because after learning just four letter sounds your child will be prepared to read and spell real words in the app.
  3. find reading fun through positive reinforcements such as sounds like cheering, visual cues like winking or smiling, and rewards for hard work like souvenirs collected in an in-app treasure box.
  4. remain challenged by progressing though our series of apps that reinforce and build on each other. For example once your child masters the Letter Sound Box app, Word Builders is ready with the next challenge.

The Letter Sound Box appWhy are we making apps for your two year old to begin the journey to becoming an early reader? Because at roadmap2reading, we know that your two-year-old or older preschooler has the potential to begin an early passion for reading and learning.

What motivates your child to want to read?


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