Magazines and your early reader

Julie Haden —  : Nov 23, 2013 — 2 Comments

Why are magazines important to encouraging your child’s imagination and reading? Magazines offer short and easy to read articles with content that is sure to peak your child’s interests. Plus, your child will likely experience the thrill that my daughter feels when one of her many magazines arrives in the mail.

The Ranger Rick magazine is all about animals – their habitats and behaviors. Each issue will introduce your child to neranger rickw habitats and animals, for example a virtual excursion down the Amazon to study tree frogs. Your child will enjoy learning how other children’s parents have jobs that take them into these habitats around the world or are doing interesting projects to improve the environment right in their backyard.

Another gZoobooksreat magazine for your animal lover is Zoobooks. Each issue focuses on just one animal species, for example wolves. The magazine offers your child a quick way to become an expert on a monthly featured animal. Your early reader will cherish the Zoobooks photographs for collage projects. Later he or she will fall in love with Zoobooks as a source of information for their elementary school five-paragraph essay assignments.

For your scientist or artist, Ask is an excellent magazine. Each issue has a theme, for example: “How does a computer work?” Each issue includes simply explained, short, well-illusasktrated articles on the theme. Interspersed are cartoons and commentary by animal characters that moderate each issue, short biographical sketches of relevant and unusual historical figures, and theme-related puzzles and craft projects. Just to mix it up, each issue includes off-theme, quirky articles. Past articles have described how to grow square watermelons and an unusual species of fish with teeth on its skin.

Finally, HighligHighlightshts is a classic favorite among most kids. Your child will love the activities in this magazine, especially the arts-and-crafts projects and challenging visual puzzles. Like other magazines, its fact-base paragraphs about dinosaurs and unusual animals will fascinate your child. However, the substance of the magazine is fiction that will entertain your child while teaching them how to thrive in a world full of differences and moral challenges.

What is most important for your child is that they are enjoying what they are reading while discovering the world and new ideas.

What children’s magazines do you recommend?

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