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model magic budgeemodel magic

It is easy to forget how much creativity your child possesses, but watch her get busy when you give her some Model Magic, an empty cardboard box or paper towel rolls. What else is interesting is how that tinkering leads to more inventions, questioning investigation and reading.

picture of doll with handmade clothspicture of doll with handmade cloths 2

Your tinkering child might begin a sewing project with recycled clothes and then ask, “How many ways are there to stitch?” The question leads him to read about his stitching choices in his sewing kit instructions, or to find a book at the library about sewing. He might be lucky enough to have snap circuit kit.snap circuit To make something, he has to choose a project and then read specific directions for example to get the fan to begin to move once he places the motor correctly into the circuit. All of this is likely to lead him to experiment. Once he becomes comfortable with diodes and transistors – information in the instructions or in the library – he might begin to ask, “What would happen if I plugged in the circuit here?”

Well-crafted magazines for kids (Highlights and Ask are favorites in our house) can inHighlightsspire your child to bouts of creativity. With craft materials readily at hand, he can quickly act on his inspiration, which will motivate him to read more. You will begin to see the excitement when his favorite magazine comes in the mail.

Tinkering leads your child to reading more about the “process” and reading often inspires tinkering and the desire to learn more about a topic. Where does all of this questioning and tinkering lead? It leads to your child becoming confident in their ability to create with what they have at hand and to learn whatever their heart desires. What could be better than that?

What are some of the ways your child likes to tinker?


Click on this photograph to read an excellent Wall Street Journal article about children who tinker.









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