We are committed to developing this business with our sweat equity and resources. We need investor funds to speed the pace of our app releases. Please contact us.

So why did we choose to invest in this business?

First, this a high growth market. For the year ending in June 2013, Apple paid app developers $5 billion – twice as much as the year before. Payouts have double annually for the last 3 years.

Second in 2012, there were about 9 million households with both Apple smart phones and preschoolers. Of these, 3 million are households with parents who are highly educated with technical / professional careers, over $135,000 annual income and more than one Apple device – they want their children to be the smartest on the block and they have the means to do so.

Finally, the Apple market provides a well controlled ecosystem with excellent application development tools available at a nominal cost, and many well-established, back-office business functions – great for a startup enterprise like ours.

– Joel and Julie Haden